Holliday v. Vitacost.com Settlement


A settlement has been reached with Vitacost.com, Inc. (“Vitacost”) in a class action lawsuit (Holliday v. Vitacost.com, Inc., In the Circuit Court of the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit, In and For Palm Beach County, Florida, Case No.: 2015-CA-010160 (AA)) which alleged that Vitacost misrepresented the magnesium content of Vitacost Chelated Magnesium, Vitacost Multi-Mineral & Magnesium, and Vitacost Magnesium & Calcium.

Vitacost has agreed to settle the lawsuit for up to $522,500.00. Those included can receive a cash payment for their purchases.

You may be included in this settlement if you purchased Vitacost Chelated Magnesium, Vitacost Multi-Mineral & Magnesium, and Vitacost Magnesium & Calcium that did not list magnesium oxide in the supplement facts panel on the label (the “Products”). Purchases must have been for personal or household use and made anytime from October 22, 2010, through June 6, 2016 (the “Settlement Class”).

If you have further questions, you can contact the Settlement Claims Administrator at the address below:

Vitacost.com Settlement Administrator

c/o KCC Class Action Services

P.O. Box 40007

College Station, TX 77842-4007

Although the information in this website is intended to assist potential class members, it does not replace the information contained in the Class Notice or the Settlement Agreement, both of which can be downloaded from this website.

Please Note the Following Important Dates:

Case Relevant EventDate

A Claim Form must be filed online or postmarked by

September 28, 2016

An Exclusion must be postmarked on or before

July 29, 2016

An Objection must be postmarked or delivered to the parties no later than July 29, 2016
The Final Approval Hearing will take place on August 29, 2016